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Anybody ud think the Scotch tunes had always been asking a question of somebody as deaf as old Taft, and australian recipe appetizer never got an answer yet. Adam minded the less about sitting by Mr. Casson, because this position enabled him to see Hetty, who was not far australian recipe appetizer him at the next table. Hetty, however, had not even noticed his presence yet, for she was giving angry attention to Totty, who insisted on drawing australian recipe appetizer her feet on to the bench in antique fashion, and thereby threatened to make dusty marks on Hettys pink-and-white frock. No sooner were the little fat legs pushed down than australian recipe appetizer they came again, for Tottys eyes were too busy in staring at the large dishes to see where the plum pudding was for her to retain any consciousness of her legs. Hetty got quite out of patience, and at last, with a frown and pout, and gathering tears, she said, Oh dear, Aunt, I wish youd speak to Totty; she keeps putting her legs up so, and messing my frock. Whats the matter wi the child.
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